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Welcome to our Zombie Doll roundup! In this article, we’ve scoured the market to bring you a selection of dolls that are undeniably creepy and yet utterly fascinating. Join us as we delve into the world of zombie dolls, exploring their unique designs, features, and the fascination they hold for collectors and horror enthusiasts alike.

The Top 16 Best Zombie Doll

  1. Disney Zombies 3 Zed Fashion Doll: Officially Licensed Collectible — Disney Zombies 3 Zed Fashion Doll — The Stylish Zombie Football Star and College Enthusiast for Kids Ages 6 and Up!
  2. Zombie Doll Playset with Customizable Packaging — Unleash endless zombie fun with Zombaes Forever Wild Vibes Abandoned Pet Shop Playset, featuring customizable packaging, exclusive dolls, and surprise glittery brains — the perfect collection for any imaginative 4-year-old girl!
  3. Spooktacular Zombie Action Figures: Unleash Your Imagination — Unleash endless customization and zombie-themed fun with BOHS Zombie Dolls Action Figures — the perfect addition to your Halloween party or collection!
  4. Zombaes Forever Wild Vibes Zombie Dolls & Accessories Deluxe Set — Unleash wild zombie vibes with the Zombaes Forever Deluxe Set, featuring exclusive collectible dolls, surprise pet un-coffin-ing, story-in-a-box playset, and mix N-match looks for endless imaginative fun.
  5. Girls’ Zombie Dolls Deluxe Set — Discover the perfect blend of spooky fun and collectible charm with the Zombaes Forever Zombadie to Love Deluxe Zombie Doll Set, an adorable addition to any kids’ toy collection!
  6. Adorable Eliza Zombie Doll from Disney’s Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2 — Disney’s Zombies 2 Eliza Zambie Doll (11.5-Inch), GNN00 — Unleash the ultimate zombie style with this grungy, bendable collectible doll featuring 11 movable joints and ready to bring the fun of the movie to life!
  7. Zombaes Forever: Deluxe Set of 2 Zombie Dolls — Embark on a cheerful zombie adventure with the Zombaes Forever Scream Queens Deluxe Set, featuring adorable 3.5" dolls, accessories, and interchangeable parts that bring endless play possibilities for collectors aged 4 and above.
  8. Willa from Disney Zombies 3 Fashion Doll — Discover the world of Disney Zombies with the Willa Fashion Doll, featuring 11 points of articulation, removable clothing inspired by the movie, and perfect for kids ages 6 years old and up to imagine their own Seabrook adventures!
  9. Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride Gold Label Barbie Doll — Experience the macabre charm of the Zombie Bride Barbie Doll, complete with an eerie “flower” tiara and veil, in this highly-rated addition to the Haunted Beauty collection.
  10. 13th Anniversary Roxy Zombie Doll — Celebrating the 13th anniversary, Mezco Toyz’s Living Dead Dolls Zombies Series 22 Roxie features an enhanced design, painting, and ball joint body, along with a special 13th anniversary tattoo and anniversary-themed packaging.
  11. Seabrook Zombie Star Zed Disney Fashion Doll — Revive your love for Disney Zombies with the 12-Inch Zed Fashion Doll, featuring stylish Zombie attire and 11 points of articulation, making it the perfect addition to any fan’s collection and a fantastic gift for kids ages 6 and up.
  12. Disney Zombies 3 Addison Doll — Stylish Alien Character for Ages 6+ — Bring home the action-packed Disney Zombies 3 adventure with the 12-inch Addison fashion doll, featuring removable alien-inspired clothing, 11 points of articulation, and long blue hair, perfect for kids ages 6 and up.
  13. Creepy Cuddlers Zombie Jangles — Limited Edition Plush Doll — Breathe new life into your zombie collection with the Mezco Toyz Creepy Cuddlers Zombie Jangles Plush, featuring 3 terrifyingly adorable characters — Lucky, Fluffenrot, and Jangles.
  14. Zombaes Forever Surprise Collectible Dolls — Unique Unboxing Experience — Unlock limitless fun and collectible surprises with the 3.5-inch Zombaes Forever zombie dolls, featuring exclusive designs, accessories, and a unique un-coffin-ing experience!
  15. Captain Zombie, Knight Zombie, Football Zombie Plush Doll Set — Get ready for a thrilling collection with the JHESAO 3-piece Plants & Zombies Plush Zombies Sets, featuring soft and huggable zombies dolls perfect as birthday or holiday gifts for kids!
  16. Disney Princess Zombie Dolls: Seabrook Faction Leaders Collection — Bring the magic of Disney Zombies 3 to life with these 12-inch posable 4-pack dolls, complete with outfits, accessories, and endless imaginative play opportunities for kids!

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Disney Zombies 3 Zed Fashion Doll: Officially Licensed Collectible


From the moment I opened the box, I knew Disney Zombies 3 Zed would become a beloved piece in my collection or as a gift to a deserving fan. This fashion doll, representing Zed from the third installment of the Disney Zombies franchise, makes an excellent addition for both the young and young at heart alike.

Zed’s stylish Zombie attire sets him apart from the rest. The removable Zombie-pride jacket, jeans, sneakers, and iconic Z-Band showcase his unique personality. I was particularly impressed by the attention to detail on the shoes and Z-Band, which adds a special touch to this character.

However, the real beauty of this toy is found within its story. Disney Zombies 3 Zed stands out as the first Zombie to attend college while proving his exceptional skills as a Zombie and football star. I can appreciate this doll’s significance and the positive message it represents, making it a great choice for kids ages 6 and up.

My overall experience with Disney Zombies 3 Zed is truly positive, and I would definitely recommend this fashion doll as a perfect gift or addition to any collection. It may have a few flaws, but the pros far outweigh the cons, making it a fantastic purchase.

Zombie Doll Playset with Customizable Packaging


As a recent unboxing enthusiast, I can say that the Zombaes Forever Wild Vibes Abandoned Pet Shop Playset stole my heart with its charm and creativity. Upon opening the box, I was greeted with the sweet fragrance of a brand new toy and the anticipation of uncovering three exclusive Zombaes dolls. I was delighted to find the meticulous attention to detail on each of them — the vibrant paint, the intricate hair designs, and the unique pets that accompanied them.

Each of the five rooms provided a themed backdrop for creative and imaginative play, offering endless possibilities for fun. And the best part? . The ability to swap out legs and accessories to create endless combinations.

The dolls were a hit with my kids, who spent hours playing with them and trading them with their friends. The only drawback was the relatively high price point, but overall, it was a worthwhile investment for the enjoyment it brought to our family.

Spooktacular Zombie Action Figures: Unleash Your Imagination


As a lover of all things spooky, I couldn’t resist trying out the BOHS Zombie Dolls Action Figures Toys. Straight out of the package, I was blown away by their attention to detail, each figure having unique and lifelike characteristics. The 6-pack made perfect addition to my Halloween party decorations, doubling as both cake toppers and party favors.

What really stood out to me was how these zombie action figures were truly playable. With their movable joints, I could create endless customized zombies and experiment with different body parts configurations. The endless possibilities left my imagination running wild. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice that these dolls might not be suitable for younger children due to the scary nature of the zombie theme.

Despite this, I appreciated that the product was designed for kids aged 3–5 and boys aged 5–7, adding a thrill and uniqueness to their playtime. I know it sparked curiosity and creativity in my own little monsters during playtime.

However, the price point might seem a little steep for some. Nevertheless, the quality and uniqueness of these zombie action figures more than justify the cost. If you’re a fan of the undead or looking for a fun and unique gift, these BOHS Zombie Dolls Action Figures are definitely worth trying out. Just be prepared to witness some truly terrifying creations!

Zombaes Forever Wild Vibes Zombie Dolls & Accessories Deluxe Set


I recently stumbled upon the Zombaes Forever Deluxe Set, a fascinating combination of zombie dolls and animals. This intriguing set includes two exclusive 8.9-cm dolls, a pet coffin with a surprise friend, a baby pet, two doll hats, two spinal-cord doll stands, a holographic collector card, and a reusable coffin-shaped box that transforms into a playset. The box’s backdrops perfectly set the scene for creative zombie-rescue storytelling.

The surprise pet coffin and the ability to mix and match the dolls’ features provided endless opportunities for imaginative play. Although the small dolls were detailed, I wished they were a bit larger.

The collectibility aspect of the items was unique, and while they weren’t universally popular, my daughter loved her new toy and asked if we could buy more. Overall, this set offered a delightful way to engage children’s creativity while promoting unique, collectible doll play.

Girls’ Zombie Dolls Deluxe Set


I recently discovered the Zombaes Forever Zombadie to Love Deluxe Set, and it immediately caught my attention. As someone who appreciates the unique and playful, these zombie dolls are right up my alley. Upon opening the coffin-shaped box, I was greeted with two adorable 3.5-inch dolls, dressed in outfits perfect for their special day. The attention to detail is impressive, from their glittery brains to the mix and match hair and legs, allowing for endless possibilities in playtime.

One of the things that stood out to me was the reusable box, which transforms into a playset with themed backdrops. This was a thoughtful addition, as it allowed for a seamless transition from playtime to storage. The Deluxe Set also comes with a surprise pet friend and accessories, adding to the storytelling experience.

However, there were a few minor drawbacks. The instructions could have been more clear, and some of the materials seemed a bit flimsy. But overall, the Zombaes Forever Zombadie to Love Deluxe Set is a fun and imaginative toy for kids, especially for those who enjoy the spooky yet adorable aesthetic of the zombie dolls. It’s a great addition to any playroom and serves as a unique collectible gift for young ones.

Adorable Eliza Zombie Doll from Disney’s Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2


Meet Eliza Zambie from Disney’s Zombies 2, a grungy, zombie-themed doll that stands at an impressive 11.5 inches tall! Eliza is dressed to the nines in a style reminiscent of her on-screen character — complete with a shimmery dress, jacket, ankle-high socks, combat boots, and that iconic Z-band bracelet.

One of the coolest features of Eliza is her ability to stand on her own, with 11 bendable joints in her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees. Dancing and striking pose after pose is easy as pie with this sturdy little doll.

Playing with Eliza is a true testament to the power of imagination. With her, you can relive all your favorite movie moments, not just with Eliza, but with the whole gang — Addison, Zed, Willa, and Wynter.

Now, no one said bringing these dolls to life would be easy. Eliza, like her friends, is not exactly slim, which means those monster doll clothes may not quite fit. But hey, it’s all part of the experience, right?

So, if you’re ready to add some undead pizzazz to your playtime, look no further than Eliza Zambie from Disney’s Zombies 2. A doll that’s as cool as they come, and a perfect addition to your ever-growing collection of fave characters.

Zombaes Forever: Deluxe Set of 2 Zombie Dolls


Imagine my excitement when I unboxed the Zombaes Forever Scream Queens Deluxe Set as a surprise Christmas present for my granddaughter! The cheerleader-zombie theme was completely unexpected and made the reveal even more fun.

The set includes two unique Zombaes Forever dolls, each with their own style and personal flair. Their accessories and stands add even more personality to these adorable little creatures. As a collectible set, I love the attention to detail each doll receives, from their exclusive tattoos, hidden glittery brains, and even their pet friends.

Of course, the set comes with an added bonus — a playset that can be easily transformed from its coffin-shaped box. This made the experience even more magical and immersive for my granddaughter as she played with her new friends. Plus, it’s so great that the dolls can be mixed and matched with other Zombaes Forever dolls, opening up a whole world of endless possibilities for storytelling and playtime.

However, I must admit that one of the downsides of the set is that the dolls are quite small — measuring in at just 3.5 inches tall. This might pose a bit of a challenge for my granddaughter, who is still quite young and might find holding these tiny creatures a bit tricky. But overall, the Zombaes Forever Scream Queens Deluxe Set continues to surprise us with its charm and imagination, making it the perfect choice for birthday gifts and collectibles alike.

Willa from Disney Zombies 3 Fashion Doll


Imagine adding a touch of Disney magic to your kid’s collection with the enchanting Zombies 3 Willa fashion doll — the ultimate playtime pal! . Willa, the fearless leader of the Moonstone pack, is based on the Disney Zombies 3 movie and sports an iconic wolf-inspired outfit straight from the big screen.

This doll is an incredible addition, especially for the fans in your life. It’s not just about dressing Willa in style; kids can enjoy the 12-inch fashion doll’s exceptional movability.

With 11 points of articulation, she can be posed in endless ways to mimic iconic scenes from the movie. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as she’s backed by a host of other characters to expand your child’s imaginative universe — we’re talking Zed, Addison, and A-spen, each sold separately.

So, it’s time to bring the Disney Zombies 3 universe home and enchant your kids.

Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride Gold Label Barbie Doll


I’ve had the chance to get my hands on the Chx12 Zombie Bride Gold Label Barbie Doll, and let me tell you, it’s a true masterpiece of horror-inspired fashion. The attention to detail is remarkable — from the subtle tones of grey and off-white in her bridal gown, to the intricate embroidery work on her floral tiara veil.

What stood out the most to me is the way the doll captures the eerie essence of the Haunted Beauty collection with an intricate mix of fear, beauty, and the unsettling allure of the undead. Not to mention, her poseable arms and painted eyelashes give her a lifelike quality that adds to the overall spooky charm.

However, while I admire the doll’s macabre elegance, I must mention that it might not be suitable for younger audiences due to its dark theme and mature content. Overall, if you’re a fan of the Haunted Beauty series or just have a penchant for unique, spooky collectibles, this Zombie Bride Barbie Doll is definitely worth adding to your collection.

13th Anniversary Roxy Zombie Doll


Imagine being a fan of the Living Dead Dolls series, eagerly awaiting its 13th anniversary edition. When Roxy rolled off Damien and Ed’s workbench, my excitement was real. The Living Dead Dolls, once hand-made, have now been upgraded to incorporate a ball joint body, improved painting, and a 13th-anniversary tattoo detail. These dolls, designed by Damien and Ed, have come a long way since their hand-made debut.

The doll’s attention to detail is truly a sight to behold. Roxy’s intricately painted features, from her wide-eyed expression to her intricately designed outfit, make her stand out amongst other zombie dolls. The anniversary-inspired packaging adds a touch of elegance, making this a perfect collector’s item for any horror enthusiast.

Of course, no product is without its drawbacks. Being a collector’s item, the Living Dead Dolls cost more than your average toy. Additionally, their unique style might not be appreciated by everyone. For some, these dolls may appear unsettling, rather than endearing. It’s worth considering your own preferences and who you’re shopping for before making this purchase.

But if you’re a fan of these Goth Dolls, the 13th anniversary edition of Roxy is a must-have. The attention to detail and the anniversary-inspired design are sure to make it a standout item in your collection. Just remember, this zombie doll may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so buyer beware.

Seabrook Zombie Star Zed Disney Fashion Doll


Disney’s Zombies 3 Zed doll is a must-have for any fan of the franchise. With his charming Zombie style and accessories, Zed makes a fantastic addition to any collection.

Standing at 12 inches tall with 11 points of articulation, this Zed fashion doll offers endless playtime possibilities. Kids can pose him in various ways to recreate scenes from the Disney Zombies 3 movie. The attention to detail is impeccable, with Zed’s hair, clothes, and accessories all reminiscent of the film.

One of the highlights of this doll is the inclusion of the iconic Z-Band bracelet, as seen in the movie. Additionally, the removable shirt and jacket pieces are a fun feature, allowing kids to customize Zed’s look and play.

While I’ve only had this Zed doll for a short time, I’ve already noticed its high-quality construction and durability. The materials used for the clothes and accessories seem sturdy, making me confident that this toy will last through many adventures.

Overall, the Disney Zombies 3 Zed fashion doll is an excellent choice for any young collector or fan of the franchise. Its unique style, attention to detail, and versatility make it a standout toy that will surely bring joy to any child, aged 6 and up.

Disney Zombies 3 Addison Doll — Stylish Alien Character for Ages 6+


Oh, how exciting! . Disney Zombies 3’s Addison doll is a lovely addition to any Disney fan’s collection. At 12 inches tall, this charming doll has 11 points of articulation that allows kids to pose her in different ways, just like in the movie.

Addison’s long, blue hair adds a striking touch to her alien-style outfit which includes a blue and silver dress, silver boots, belt, and a silver Luma Lens bracelet. Suitable for kids aged 6 and up, this doll makes a fantastic gift that will inspire imaginative playtime.

The collection of Disney Zombies dolls, including Zed, Willa, and A-spen, takes Seabrook adventures to another level, making it an even better choice for Disney enthusiasts! .

Creepy Cuddlers Zombie Jangles — Limited Edition Plush Doll


In my daily life, I stumbled upon the Creepy Cuddlers Zombie Jangles Plush, and let me tell you, it’s a unique and quirky addition to my collection. With three lovable, yet terrifying, characters to choose from — Lucky, Fluffenrot, and Jangles — each one has its own charm that has me reaching for them every time I need a scare.

What stands out most is the attention to detail these plushies have. Despite being small, they’re not lacking in personality. Their distinct features and fun backstories make them stand out, and it’s fascinating to see how the designers were able to capture the essence of the undead while maintaining a sense of cuteness. Their floppy limbs and cute expressions make them even more endearing, which is an unexpected but delightful surprise.

However, as with any collectible, the price tag might be a bit on the higher side. But if you’re a fan of zombies or looking for a unique gift, these adorable plushies might be worth the splurge. Overall, the Zombie Jangles Plush is a fun, limited edition, and collectible item that brings a bit of life to the undead.

Zombaes Forever Surprise Collectible Dolls — Unique Unboxing Experience


I recently stumbled upon these Zombaes Forever dolls, and I must say, they offer a fun and unique experience. The un-coffin-ing process is delightful, revealing a charming little zombie character as the surprise. In addition, the dolls come with a variety of accessories, stickers, and even a cute coffin with a collectors sheet. The attention to detail and mix-and-match elements make these dolls enjoyable for both kids and adults alike.

While I appreciate the uniqueness of these dolls, there are a few aspects that could be improved. Some of the hair and accessories may be too heavy or not secure, causing them to fall off easily. I also wish the coffin and lid were made more sturdy, as they seem somewhat breakable.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Zombaes Forever dolls have quickly become a fun and entertaining addition to my collection. Their whimsical zombie theme, combined with the mix-and-match feature, makes them great for creating unique looks for each character. The inclusion of LGBTQAI characters is a fantastic touch, adding even more diversity to the collection. I highly recommend these dolls for kids and collectors alike, as they offer a fun and exciting unboxing experience.

Captain Zombie, Knight Zombie, Football Zombie Plush Doll Set


I recently came across this imaginative collection of plush zombies inspired by the PopCap game, Plants vs. Zombies. These soft and cuddly creatures, designed to resemble the game’s iconic characters, are perfect for kids who love playing the game or simply adore zombies.

One of the things that stood out to me is the fact that each plush doll measures 12 inches and is made from top-quality short plush and PP cotton, making them comfortable for little ones while providing durability. Additionally, each plush comes with a sucker lanyard, adding an extra element of fun and play to the toy.

The package contains three distinct plushies: a Football Zombie, a Knight Zombie, and a Captain Zombie. Each character is intricately detailed and brings its unique charm to the set. They’re ideal for birthday or holiday gifts, gift collection, or even as a delightful surprise for game fans.

While I initially thought these plushies might be too quirky or unusual for some kids, I found that they appeal to a wide range of children, both those familiar with the game and newcomers to the zombie realm. They make great additions to bedroom decor and provide endless hours of imaginative play.

Overall, the PopCap Plants vs. Zombies plushies are a creative and engaging toy experience for kids. With their soft material, intricate detail, and endless fun possibilities, they stand out as a unique and exciting addition to any toy collection.

Disney Princess Zombie Dolls: Seabrook Faction Leaders Collection


Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the Disney Princess Zombies 3 Leader of The Pack Fashion Doll 4-Pack. These adorable 12-inch dolls come to life with 11 points of articulation, allowing you to pose them in various ways, creating scenes reminiscent of the movie. With their soft hair and detailed outfits inspired by the film, these dolls really capture the essence of the Disney Zombies 3 world.

One of my favorite aspects of this set is the outfits and accessories included with each doll. Each character has a unique wardrobe and accessory, adding depth to their appearance and giving them a distinct sense of character. The soft hair is not only fun to play with but also adds a touch of realism to the dolls.

As a toy for kids six years old and up, this set strikes a perfect balance. It’s not too childish, but also not too complex, making it an excellent choice for younger kids who enjoy the Disney Zombies movies. The dolls themselves are well-made and sturdy, which is great for kids who may not always handle their toys with the utmost care.

Overall, the Disney Princess Zombies 3 Leader of The Pack Fashion Doll 4-Pack is a fantastic addition to the Disney Zombies 3 toy collection. Although it may be a bit pricey compared to similar doll sets, it’s worth the investment for the high-quality details and the pleasure of imagining scenes from the movie with these delightful dolls.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for Zombie Dolls! This guide will help you understand the essential features and considerations when purchasing a Zombie Doll. We’ll cover various aspects, including material, size, detailing, and more.



Zombie Dolls are typically made from various materials, such as vinyl, resin, or even fabric. Vinyl dolls are popular due to their durability and ease of cleaning. Resin dolls offer a more realistic appearance but may require special care during cleaning. Fabric dolls provide a softer texture and can be easily customized with different clothing options.


Zombie Dolls come in various sizes, ranging from small collectible figurines to life-sized statues. Consider the space available in your home or office and choose a size that fits your needs. Smaller dolls are more suitable for display cases, while larger dolls can make a statement in a room or outdoor setting.


The level of detail on a Zombie Doll can greatly impact its appearance and overall appeal. Some dolls have highly detailed faces with realistic skin textures, while others may have a more stylized or cartoonish appearance. Consider your personal preference and the intended purpose of the doll when choosing a level of detail.



Many Zombie Dolls can be customized with different clothing options, accessories, or even paint jobs. This allows you to create a truly unique piece that reflects your individual style. Consider the level of customization you desire and the availability of such options when selecting a Zombie Doll.


Zombie Dolls can range in price from affordable collectibles to high-end, limited edition pieces. Determine your budget before shopping to ensure you find a doll that meets your needs and financial constraints.

Maintenance and Care


Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure your Zombie Doll remains in good condition. Depending on the material, some dolls may require special cleaning solutions or storage conditions. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper care.

With the information provided in this buyer’s guide, you should now have a better understanding of the important features and considerations when purchasing a Zombie Doll. Happy shopping!


What is the Zombie Doll and what makes it unique?

The Zombie Doll is a collectible item that represents the popular cultural phenomenon of zombies. What makes it unique is the detailed design, often with realistic features that make the doll look creepy, yet fascinating. Its exclusivity as a collectible also adds to its allure.


What are the different types of Zombie Dolls available in the market?

There are various types of Zombie Dolls available, ranging from standard versions, deluxe versions, and limited editions. The design, materials used, and level of detailing vary within each type.

Where can I buy Zombie Dolls?

Zombie Dolls can be bought from various online platforms like Amazon, eBay, and other specialty toy stores. Sometimes, they are also available at local comic book shops or pop culture conventions.

What is the price range for Zombie Dolls?


The price range for Zombie Dolls can vary widely depending on the type and detailing. Standard versions might cost around $20-$50, while deluxe or limited editions could be in the hundreds of dollars range.

How should I clean and maintain my Zombie Doll?

You should avoid getting any water or cleaning solution into the doll’s eyes, mouth, or other movable parts. A soft brush or compressed air can be used to clean the doll. Some people might recommend using a mild detergent and then rinsing thoroughly with water. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for safe cleaning methods.

Are Zombie Dolls suitable for all ages?

Zombie Dolls are typically marketed towards an older demographic, say 12 years and up. The content and design might be inappropriate or too frightening for younger children.

What are some popular Zombie Doll series that I can look out for?

Some popular series include the “Walking Dead” line of dolls, Mego and Mattel’s versions, and various figures from popular video games like “Left 4 Dead” and “World at War”.